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Mount Dora Transit and Tours!

Here To Help

Mount Dora Transit and Tours specializes in providing guided tours that showcase the beauty, history and attractions of Mount Dora. Whether it’s a scenic tour of the town, a visit to local landmarks or exploring nearby natural wonders, Mount Dora Transit and Tours helps visitors and locals alike experience the best the area has to offer. Open 7 days a week they’re here to help!

Their Guides are your local experts, passionate about sharing the rich history, unique culture and hidden gems of Mount Dora. They provide informative commentary during tours, offering insights into the town’s landmarks, stories behind its attractions and tips for exploring like a local. Whether it’s pointing out historical sites, recommending the best spots for shopping and dining or simply sharing anecdotes about Mount Dora’s past, they ensure you have an unforgettable and enriching experience.

Want to learn how the city got its name? What’s the story behind that amazing Victorian Queen Anne style house? Why is there a statue of a block of ice next to the marina? That’s where they come in! On the Tour of Historic Downtown Mount Dora they’ll share all of that with you and more. If you are here during the holidays they do a Downtown Christmas Lights Cart Tour too! Could you really buy a house from a catalogue and construct it yourself? Is there really a secret door at the Lakeside Inn? There are plenty of stories to tell about this city and the Guides with Mount Dora Transit and Tours know them well and love to share them!

Additionally, when they are not conducting tours, they are happy to help people get around town. Are your shopping bag hands full and you need a ride back to your vehicle? Out and about downtown and want a lift to your B&B?

Whether it’s a fun 30 minute tour or you need transportation just contact Mount Dora Transit and Tours